“I have found the treatment of acupuncture very effective, but I feel it is even more effective when carried out by a person who genuinely wants to see you get well and will do everything he can to make that happen…” Mark, 33 years old.

Mark is a patient who initially came to see me for problems of severe insomnia. After a few sessions, his sleep improved but then I found out that he nearly had stage II hypertension. Insomnia can be sometimes a symptom of hypertension so I started treating him for this problem as well.

Within four sessions of acupuncture associated with lifestyle changes, his blood pressure dropped to pre-hypertension stage, and with three more sessions, it dropped to a low pre-hypertension stage, nearly normal. Lifestyle changes included simple steps such as reducing alcohol intake and improving every day diet.

Benefits of acupuncture for Hypertension:

At any stage of hypertension, acupuncture can help lower blood pressure. Here is an insight of some of the effects of acupuncture:

  • It regulates the dilation and contraction of blood vessels
  • It stimulates relaxation and reduction of anxiety and worry
  • It helps reduce inflammation of the arteries and blood vessels

According to my clinical experience, acupuncture is a natural and effective way to lower blood pressure. And most studies and clinical trials done on the subject concluded as well that acupuncture is effective in the treatment of hypertension.

Acupuncture has the advantage over medication to be natural and to have very few side-effects. This is a great way to get your blood pressure under control.

Source: BAcC fact sheet (hypertension)

Why is it important to reduce hypertension?

In Ireland, according to the HSE, 30% to 40% of people have high blood pressure and many don’t know.

If untreated, high blood pressure can lead to serious health problems such as stroke, heart disease or kidney failure. Those conditions can all be life threatening when they occur.

The problem of high blood pressure is that sometimes it is totally asymptomatic. Some patients may experience headaches, blurred vision or shortness of breath but other patients do not experience any symptoms at all and adults should get their blood pressure checked every 5 years.

source: HSE.ie