Passionate about what I do, I want to help you get back on your feet again and start enjoying a better quality of life, with meaningful and long-lasting results. I believe acupuncture is a powerful therapeutic tool that works to put you back in control of your body the natural way.

My name is Cyrille Bonnard, acupuncturist at Equilibre Acupuncture Dublin, and my main purpose is to get my patients healthy again as quickly and efficiently as possible. In short, I believe in clinical results!

I will deliver you expert care with skill and precision, which combined with flexible appointment times and convenient city-centre location, makes Equilibre Acupuncture Dublin your best choice for acupuncture in Dublin.

I know that for many patients, getting acupuncture is a significant investment. In return, you have the guarantee that I will do my absolute best to help you get better, delivering you expert care with skill and precision in the most efficient way possible. I am an attentive listener and the atmosphere is professional but also relaxed and friendly.

I invite you take a minute to listen to this welcome message: