Channel Examination at Equilibre Acupuncture Dublin

Since 2011, I have been using Channel Examination in my acupuncture practice. Channel examination is a classical skill used in traditional Chinese medicine that has been redeveloped by the internationally acclaimed Dr. Wang Ju-Yi from Beijing, China.

What is Channel Examination?

Channel examination is a diagnostic tool that involves feeling, observing and palpating acupuncture channels. It is done mainly on the lower arms and lower legs but if necessary other parts of the body can be examined such as the back, the abdomen, the head or any area of the body associated to a specific problem. The main purpose of channel examination is to find diseased acupuncture channels. Diseased channels can display different types of abnormalities such as change of skin colour, change of skin tone. Less obvious abnormal changes are also found by palpation such as different kinds of nodules. The identification of diseased channels and all the abnormal changes provide precious information for the diagnosis. When assimilated with other information gathered by the Traditional Chinese Medicine diagnosis, a more precise and accurate diagnosis can be established and an effective treatment strategy chosen.

Why Channel Examination?

Channel examination is an integral part of the traditional Chinese medicine diagnosis. Unfortunately it is a skill that was largely forgotten during the course of Chinese history. It did not disappear because it was not useful but because physical touch became progressively less socially acceptable in China.
In fact, channel examination is a very useful skill for acupuncturists because all regular acu-points are positioned along the acupuncture channels. It is therefore useful to know which channels are diseased in order to be able to treat them.

For the patient, the benefits are many. Channel examination allows:

  • A more refined and accurate diagnosis
  • More effective treatments – so you get better faster!

Since I started using this skill in my practice, I noticed that my treatments are much more effective and reliable. During my studies with Dr. Wang, I was able to witness how it could help release the true healing potential of acupuncture by helping patients with really severe conditions. Of course, acupuncture has its limits but it can significantly improve the life of people suffering with chronic and disabling conditions.

Cyrille Bonnard is one of the few acupuncturists in Ireland using Channel Examination in their practice. This skill, which had been forgotten, was redeveloped by his mentor Dr. Wang JuYi, who during is long career of over 50 years, has meticulously studied the historic acupuncture classics in order to bring this valuable skill back to life.