5 Tips for a Healthy Post-Summer Time

Posted by on Sep 2, 2013 in Blog

It’s September and for a lot of us summer holidays are already behind. The days are slowly getting shorter, it’s getting progressively colder and happy days with family and friends are now images fading away as we are getting back into our normal routine. So, how can we live this transitional time happily without feeling too depressed and keeping our energy levels up? 1 – Keep eating healthy: Summer is a rich time of the year when fruit and vegetables are abundant. Our body needs all these vitamins and minerals to keep healthy and to prepare for the winter ahead. But towards the end of summer and the beginning of autumn, there are still plenty of great healthy foods available. Among the seasonal fruits are grapes, apples, plums and pears and among vegetables, we still find courgettes, aubergines and tomatoes as well as carrots, leeks, kale, celery, fennel, chicory, artichoke and baby squash. As we move towards the autumn and colder days, eat progressively less raw food and add more cooked food to your diet to avoid exhausting your digestive function. 2 – Exercise: During summer, the body receives a lot more oxygen than rest of the year. This is because there are leaves on trees and therefore more oxygen is produced, but also because we are enjoying nicer weather and summer breaks, inciting us to get outdoors more and be more active. Even though the days are getting shorter and cooler, keep getting outside and exercising in order to benefit from the increased level of oxygen in the air. You will have more energy and a better mood. Even mild exercise is enough. This leads me to the next tip… 3 – Enjoy walking in nature: Exercising doesn’t have to mean exhausting yourself at the gym, it can also mean going for an enjoyable walk in the countryside. In Chinese Medicine, breathing primary Qi (primary oxygen) is essential for staying healthy, which means walking in the woods, on the hills or by the seaside can be very nourishing and beneficial to your health. Also, in many medical systems, including Chinese medicine and Ayuverdic medicine, nature colours have healing properties. 4 – Sleep a little longer: Good sleep is very important for our health and to be active physically and mentally our bodies needs appropriate rest. Summer can be a time to “reload our batteries” but we also tend to sleep less due to longer days and being more active. Now with the days getting shorter, we will also need to rest slightly more. From mid-September, sleeping around 8 hours a night should be adequate rest to keep our batteries up. 5 – Get acupuncture: Now, maybe you are thinking that all of the previous tips are making sense but you feel that you are lacking the motivation or the energy to apply them. Or maybe you simply feel...

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