At Equilibre Acupuncture, we want the best for you. Sometimes, a multi-disciplinary approach is necessary and you might need to see more than one therapist.

Here is a list of therapists, doctors and colleagues that we work with or have been recommended to us by patients.

General Practice/ Gp:

Trinity Clinic

They are on the same floor than my practice and I’m in contact with them frequently. In my opinion, they are very competent, professional and friendly doctors.


Dublin Osteopathy

I have recommended a few patients to them and the feedback was always good.

Blanche de Montalivet

Blanche is an osteopath in Ranelagh. She has been recommended by patients.



Fiona works on the first floor at Morrison Chambers. She’s a great massage therapist for well-being as well as sports injuries


Pearl Dental

Paul is my dentist and Fiona my hygienist. I highly recommend this busy practice. They are professional, competent and really nice.


Root & Branch acupuncture

Mairi is a good and very professional acupuncturist working in Navan, Co. Meath. She’s using channel examination like me and I would highly recommend her.

Dan Tien Complementary Health Studio

Dave is an acupuncturist with a unique character. His acupuncture style is quite different from mine but still very effective. He is a very experienced practitioner.

Liv Ruddy EAMP – East Asian Medicine for Health and Wellness

Liv is mainly a Chinese Herbal Medicine practitioner. Herbal medicine can work very well in combination with acupuncture.